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Establish your web presence

increase brand awareness

Provide an IMMERSIVE experience

Having a successful online presence is a lot like planning an event.

A business's website is where the fun should happen.
Bland templates with scrolling blocks of text and pixelated photos, if any, may have worked in the past, however, times have changed! Today's tech savvy society is viewing websites on mobile more than ever and are demanding instant eye catching content that keeps them interested or else they'll move on to something that does.

We provide modern graphically-driven websites that are mobile optimized with strong SEO so Google will reward you for keeping up with the times and keep your website high in search results.
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You can't expect people to show up to your event if you don't send out invitations!
Throwing the most elaborate event in the world means nothing if nobody knows about it. Social media has evolved into an extensive online community where businesses can now invite anyone in the world to be a part of their brand.

We take advantage of this network by curating campaigns that reach your target audience so you continue to increase your brand's awareness.
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Attracting guests to your event over others means providing a stand-out experience.
A picture is worth a thousand words but a 3D virtual tour with embedded video speaks novels. We supplement photo and video of your venue with an immersive experience like no other that fits right in your website.

Saving time and money for event planners and providing a confident booking experience for your guests all without you lifting a finger. It's a win-win!
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We understand you probably have some concerns for your business and you're not alone!

Many of our clients have similar obstacles that we're able to overcome with our services.

"How do I get my client to see my venue before stepping foot on the property?"
Scherba Media believe in a 360* approach to our services, quite like customers like yours are able to tour our clients’ properties.

Sites built by Scherba Media incorporate 3D virtual tours allowing for users to get a real life feel of your space right from their homes. What inspiration the virtual walkthroughs lack, we make up for with a combination of cinematic videography and professional photography.
"How do I connect with the clientele I want to attract?"
Millions of connections are being made thanks to the thriving online social community we have today. We allow our clients to take advantage of this community by presenting them as a trustworthy resource in their respective industries. We do this by curating dynamic content and engaging sponsored ad campaigns that are pushed out to your desired audience. This lays a foundation of trust, brand recognition, and opportunity for immediate and future actions made by your target clientele.
"How do I pre-qualify my clients to avoid unnecessary tours?"
A brand’s web presence today is seen as a reflection of the quality of service they provide. To avoid misconceptions of the quality of your brand, it is worthwhile to invest in grooming and modernizing your brand’s online presence to reflect the type of space desired by the qualified clients you’re trying to bring in.
"How do I keep up with social media presence and the competition?"
Keeping up with the competition today means having an active and professional social media presence that engages and keeps your customers up to date on what’s going on at your venue. We schedule out all your event promotions in advance with dynamic content in between so your customers stay in the know and you increase your brand awareness as a relevant resource amongst the competition.